The project involved research on cyber protection tools available for SAP based web applications & ranking them based on risks, financial effects & the total coverage of protection.


The project involved a secondary research to analyze the reasons for underperformance of AmulLite, followed by a primary research to understand consumer tastes. A TAP was developed factoring in demographics & psychographics to understand buying patterns. A comparative analysis of Amul & Nestle was undertaken in the slim milk category.


The project involved conducting a comparative study of the IT landscape (ERP Solutions)and market positions of various companies involved in the construction equipment manufacturing business.


Undertook series of projects to:-
1. Analyze & evaluate the efficacy of the research conducted by DIET on various problems students & teachers encounter.
2. Analyze the functioning of School management committees.
3. Gap analysis of the role and performance of the Kendra Pramukhs.

39 Solutions

Undertook multiple projects which included primary & secondary research, designing go-to market strategies, integrated marketing communication plans, marketing plans, social media marketing plans, distribution strategies, operational optimization, feasibility study, target market & consumer analysis, competitor analysis, financial analysis etc. for clients & products ranging from apparel, beverages, FMCG, real estate, supply chain & logistics, electronic appliances etc.

Lumiere Business Solutions

Undertook multiple secondary research projects in the area of healthcare, beauty products, electronic products, consumer food habits, HNI customers, women in sales force, Indian diamond market, Bollywood news, retail, apparel, credit card acceptance etc.

Strategy & Business Solutions

Undertook multiple projects including primary research to estimate the attrition rate & its reasons across various industries, employee profiling (Big Five and MBTI personality tests) for a shipping company, primary market research about the shipping industry etc.

Business Research Labs

Undertook multiple projects including primary & secondary research to understand the consumption of Bollywood news in digital media, primary & secondary research to understand and analyze the Indian leather industry, research to understand the emerging trends in the furnishing e-commerce sector etc.

Indiba Consultancy Services

Project undertakings involved:-
1. Delivering Enterprise Solutions for SMEs by analyzing the current business processes and the IT scenario
2. Providing a 'Visiting CFO Service' solution for MSMEs to help startups, family-owned businesses and smaller companies fulfill their business needs without the expense and challenges of having a full-time CFO.


The project involved conducting an industry analysis & market research of various sectors leading to various deal sourcing opportunities for Mahindra. Additionally, a detailed search of various M&A providers overseas was conducted to finalize a partner for the Msquare initiative.

Tata Teleservices

The project involved understanding the SME Customer base of TTL based on which a database of newly incorporated companies was generated. A market strategy was created to pitch different TTL services to different customers based on nature of business.

Collins India

The project involved repositioning the Collins Brand against international competitors & providing a branding solution targeted at the Point of Sale. Further an extensive analysis of distributors across Mumbai was conducted to identify the gaps between the existing Collins distributors & identifying potential distributors for future.

Zenesys Consulting

The project involved developing the Global Market Model for STT (Sensor, transmitter & transducer) devices by consolidating the baseline data of various suppliers and providing a robust market growth forecast model.


The project involved highlight the poor penetration of Mutual Fund products in India particularly beyond the top 5 metro cities, highlighting the importance of distributors in the value chain of Mutual Fund Product distribution & undertaking comparative analysis of mutual fund fees and expenses in different countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Voice Vision

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform and Mobirise makes it easy for you to use them on your website easily and freely.

Towergen (Quanta Power Solutions)

The client provides diesel generator sets & solar hybrid power for Telecom towers. We delivered a high-quality analysis of the solar potential across various sectors in India to help the client expand its existing business to other sectors as well.